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Services provided by Timewise include repair, calibration, and customization of rally computer equipment. Timewise also provides cleaning and repair service for the Curta mechanical calculator.


Timewise warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two years. The warranty covers all defects in materials and workmanship. While under warranty, Timewise will service, repair, replace, or adjust any defective parts free of charge. When the warranty term has expired, or when misuse or abuse has occurred, Timewise will continue to service equipment returned for repair at established fees.

In addition to servicing all Timewise equipment, Timewise also repairs rally equipment manufactured by other suppliers. This includes vintage equipment from Zeron, Halda, and Chronar, as will as newer items from TerraTrip and Alfa.


Timewise also cleans and repairs Curta mechanical calculators. Since the Curta is an essential tool in vintage car rallies, and because the Curta requires regular maintenance, Timewise has undertaken the responsibility of providing this service to vintage rally participants as well as to the entire Curta enthusiasts community.

The popular eBay auction site has significantly increased the interest in these semi-antique mechanical marvels. As a result, the call for Curta repair service has dramatically increased. Timewise carries an extensive assortment of original Contina factory parts for servicing the Curta. During the cleaning and repair service Timewise uses original tooling, component assembly fixtures, and factory specified lubricants.


All rally computers and electronic rally clocks use crystal oscillator to accurately maintain the time of day clock. The frequency of these oscillators must be adjusted to provide an accurate clock. After a period of time, the crystal and other parts of the circuit age and the frequency of the oscillator drifts slightly. The result is that the time keeping circuitry will then gain or lose time to a greater amount than the specified accuracy. The crystal oscillator should then be re-calibrated.

Although calibration procedures are generally simple, the equipment required to make the frequency adjustment is quite specialized. Timewise has in place the appropriate equipment and procedures to calibrate rally equipment from any manufacturer.


Timewise rally equipment provides all the features needed in the great majority of rally situations. Nevertheless, Timewise recognizes that many rallyists have their own style of rallying and often have a preconceived notion about the proper technique of doing things. Additionally, new applications and/or changes in governing rally regulations are not always anticipated when some rally equipment is manufactured.

Therefore, to accommodate new or individual requirements, Timewise offers extensive customization of the standard products sold. Contact Timewise if you have a desire for a special modification or customized product. Timewise will do whatever possible to accommodate your individual needs.

Home   Products   Used Rally Equipment   Curta Repair   Ordering   History


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