Timewise 547B Rally Odometer

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The Timewise 547B Rally Odometer

The Timewise 547B provides the rallyist with precise distance and time information needed during the course of a rally. It is designed for the demanding requirements of both "B-class" TSD road rallies and "Pro-rally" stage events.

Non-slip switch actuators on detent action toggle switches give positive operator feedback, even on the worst of roads. Switches are logically grouped by function and are placed far enough apart so that accidental activation of the wrong switch is minimized. A multiposition rotary switch eliminates a confusing array of pushbutton switches.

TIMEWISE 547B RALLY ODOMETER All course parameters are shown on ultra-bright 0.6" tall LED displays to assure easy readability, even in bright light. For nighttime use, the LEDs can be dimmed to lower intensity levels.

The use of large scale integrated circuit HCMOS and CMOS technology keeps component count and power dissipation to a minimum, while simultaneously providing increased reliability. A quartz crystal oscillator and re-programmable microcomputer control all functions of the instrument. The microcomputer is designed for industrial environments where crashproof operation, non-volatile data retention, speed, efficiency, and insensitivity to adverse ambient conditions are important aspects of product specification and selection. Every safeguard was used to assure continual operation in the harsh environment of a rally vehicle.

What the Timewise 547B does...

The 547B has two odometers that measure distance to a resolution of 0.001 mile (or kilometer). Distance on the main odometer reads a maximum 9999.999 miles before reverting to 0.000 miles. An auxiliary odometer restarts after 99.999 miles.

These two odometers can count up or down, or they may be frozen at current values. Any value may be preset into either odometer. Also, either odometer may be independently truncated or reset to zero. The auxiliary odometer counts independently of the main odometer; or, it may be linked to the main odometer so they always count in synchronism.

Two odometer factors are available. One factor can be used for dry pavement, the other for gravel or snow. Distance measuring accuracy is assured through the use of a six digit factor, allowing adjustments to one part in one hundred millionth of a mile per pulse.

Two odometer inputs are provided. An optional pulse divider allows you to connect the odometer inputs directly to the electronic speedometer/odometer signals now used on many vehicles.

The Timewise 547B also features a time of day clock and an independent timer. Time of day is displayed in hours, minutes, and hundredths of a minute (12:59.99) or the standard six-digit format of hours, minutes, and seconds (12:59:59). The 547B can optionally be supplied with a battery-backed real time clock that will keep counting time during a power loss.

The clock can be easily set to any hour, minute, and second (or hundredths of a minute) and you can switch between counting in "seconds" or "hundredths" after the clock is set. You can also synchronize the beat of the clock to a time standard at any time. You can even electronically set and synchronize the clock to a Timewise 610, 650, or 660 Multi-Split Chronometer. An additional digit of resolution (tenths of seconds, or thousandths of minutes) is displayable when the clock is split.

A second time display shows a independently resettable and adjustable one hour timer. Like the time of day clock, the timer can show an additional digit of resolution when split. To visibly simplify the 547B, the LEDs in the Timer display can be turned off while time continues to count. Or, to assist the navigator in determining the count cadence to the next instruction during stage rallies, the timer can be replaced with the vehicle speed.

Both the timer and auxiliary odometer can be simultaneously split and internally reset to zero in a "Lap Split" (Taylor split) action. You can retroactively activate a lap split from the last split location. You can even "undo" an accidental lap split!

The 547B has a datalog memory to record the most recent 250 splits executed. The odometers, the clock, and the timer are saved upon each split. You can review splits at anytime, even after power has been removed and re-applied. The instrument can, therefore, function as a multi-split checkpoint clock with full review capabilities of the last 250 splits. Inputs connections are available for a remote split, a remote lap split, or a remote restart of the main odometer. And, an optional RS-232C interface is available to download to a printer the time of day whenever a split is activated.

Both an odometer alarm and clock alarm are available. Countdown data to both the distance and the time alarms is displayed.

Virtually all parameters within the 547B can be altered by the rallyist. You can even adjust the alarm beep duration. The adjustments can be made while course parameters are split or free running. A confirmation of the change is available in a resettable amount of change, or "delta record" display.

An optional remote driver's module displays shows a duplicate of the main odometer or the vehicle's actual speed (up to 150.0 mph). When operating in the "Pro" mode, the vehicle's speed is replaced by the auxiliary odometer. Vehicle speed on the driver's module is displayed to a resolution of 0.1 mph (kph) and is updated approximately twice per second.

Contact Timewise for pricing, a list of available predefined options and odometer input sensors, and to discuss your customization requirements.

To view the Timewise 547B Instruction Manual in PDF format, click here.
This 64 page document (200KB) includes a complete functional description of the 547B, as well as detailed specifications and installation procedures.

To access a two page Timewise 547B brochure in PDF format, click here.
(Includes a list of important features and specifications.)

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